April 9th, 2009




Before you ask, HALE TO THE NO

(omg I have SO MANY New Moon/Eclipse Jacob issues, I can't even tell you)

ETA: More pictures. Are these real? Really? I'm calling shenanigans. The Edward and the Bella are obviously repainted, and the Jacob doesn't look like a factory paint job. Actually, you know what they look like? The style of Noel Cruz, who did, in fact, say he was going to be selling a repainted B&E soon. Someone (not the original repainter) is confused or misrepresenting what this is, I suspect. It might also explain why the doll's skin is way too light.

ETA: Aha! Solved.

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Sunny, gorgeous day

Early linkspam so I can go take some pictures for something I'm a bit behind on posting. Cough.

Re: the previous post: Okay, you know me. I love me some Tonners. That is not a factory fresh "original" Tonner Jacob. Now that I've gotten a good look at it, you can't convince me that it is. I know for a fact that the other two are repaints, because I know what the originals look like. That is just not a Tonner paint job, and you cannot tell me otherwise. ETA: Aha! Solved.

The new Made of Fail podcast is up, for real this time.

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galadriel doll

Even more talk with girls

... and also The Littlest Edward. Yes, there's a difference.

Okay. A bit behind, but we can catch up. (While the guest post at geekgirldiva's blog was technically off-story, you might want to read over it, because it sets up a few of the things I'm about to tell you.) This is epically long and rambly, but I think you'll like the pictures enough to forgive me.

So. Since The Littlest Edward had come in the other night to request a fresh stock of sparklepire chow (before fleeing the sight of Serafina's bare calves), I decided it was time to check in on our burgeoning pony ranch. He'd been keeping himself busy scrubbing the grime of age off the My Little Ponies, combing out their vintage tangles, and feeding them Easter grass, of which I was bringing him fresh supplies.

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