April 11th, 2009

galadriel doll

Sadly, no ponies in this one

So. Elizabeth did, in fact, wake up with the hangover of all time. Since bacon sandwiches have recently been recommended for such a situation, I did the best I could, but all we had was peanut butter and jelly. I did manage to wrangle up two aspirin and a glass of milk for her, though, and I did my best to keep everyone quiet--which was a bit difficult, as Eowyn and Faramir One are still working out their frustrations on the battlefield (well, mostly Eowyn's frustrations--Faramir's natural lack of game did not mix well with his offer to take a bullet for Faramir Two), so I ended up sending them to play outside, and of course Lyra wanted to go, which meant that Serafina joined in to keep an eye on her, which in turn meant that she insisted that Faramir Two go with them (and he likes to play with Lyra so that was cool), and then Anna went because it was more awkward for her to stay in the same, now-depopulated room as Drinky McPirate, so Eowyn's play date turned into a gigantic group outing, and you can imagine how much she liked that. But at least it was quiet.

And then I went and checked my PO box and came back with more Arts Appreciation supplies for The Littlest Edward--an easel from monkeypants84 (thank you so much! Turns out a Hard Candy eyeshadow brush is just the right size) and, no kidding, a piano. I'm not sure who it's from, though--there was no name. But both the easel and the piano are lovely, so thank you!, is what I'm saying.

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