April 13th, 2009

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A hacker claims responsibility? But how does that explain the problem in February and the "it's our policy" email last week? And why were feminist/disability sexuality books also targeted, which the hacker does not mention?

I will say, I've had two logical problems with this whole thing: why would Amazon target content in a way that would reduce its own sales? That never did make sense. But at the same time, how could it be a glitch, given the policy email? And now--how could it be a hack, given that same email? This is the closest I've come to a plausible explanation.

ETA: Hack's a fake? "There's a guy claiming he abused Amazon's reporting system in order to get GLBT books removed from the sales rank listings. Since I have some pretension to technical ability, I figured I'd give his claims a test run. Summation: nope, you didn't do that, you liar you. Nice meta-troll, though."

ETA 2: An Amazon rep says it's not a glitch? Caveat: "It's also worth noting that some folks, like Deanna Zandt, believe that the reps may not know what they're talking about. 'I'm almost positive at this point that it was a scripted (automated) thing someone figured out how to exploit,' Deanna [said] via email."

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So, previously on Secret Life, The Littlest Edward got his very own piano, which somehow led to a blow-up between Eowyn and Faramir:

After a moment of frozen fury she stormed back over The Shelf (everyone skittered away), grabbed her new sword and shield, and marched back over.

"FINE, I'M READY," she said. "TAKE ME TO HIM."

Faramir looked at her, and he looked at me, and then he just walked away. My heart sank. I expected maybe a torn-between-two-lovers lip quiver from Eowyn or something--I was fully prepared to slap her if so, because look: you can't have it both ways--but she at least had the decency to hold her head high. If you're going to be a moron, you gotta own that shit, is all I'm saying.

"Edward...? You got a visitor."

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