April 14th, 2009

galadriel doll

The Reveal


So, as you may recall, I had a package coming my way. Except that it didn't. I bitched about the delay--something like a week, I'm not even sure--on Twitter, as you do, and then! Thomas the UPS Dude who read my Twilight recaps rode in on Twitter to save the day! The Brown SWAT was called in! Intel was decrypted! A dark and stormy day: THE PACKAGE ARRIVED.

And then I didn't tell you what was in it for two weeks.

The Company from which The Package was sent (and to whose warehouse it got bounced back) was also as helpful as you could possibly hope for. This, for example, is one of the emails they sent:

Of course, we will do whatever we can here on our end... please let me know...

Gosh, your poor Edward has been very well traveled!!

Keep me posted...

[Tonner representative]


"Most women do. I'm tired of it, really."

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marie sleep

An Aleve, some cheesecake, and then I flop

Thataway: The Package is REVEALED, and the responses are cracking me up. (I love how the predominant sentiment is, "He's an asshole! YAY!")

(Hello, new unlurkers! A few folks mentioned getting LJ accounts so as to comment on that entry, so welcome aboard and enjoy your stay.)

Meanwhile, I am hearing disturbing rumors that NECA might not put out The Littlest Bella until JULY. Y'all... I am gonna be so screwed if I have to tread water on this for another three months. I am trying very hard not to email them like a wingnut and plead for information.

Meanwhile-meanwhile, I've been clenching my jaw again, fnarr. Got a lot of work done today, though (which is probably why).

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