April 30th, 2009

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Because it can't hurt to ask

Y'all remember Christina, right? Well, she emailed me the other day to ask if I would pass a request on to y'all:

Since my mom died in 1997 I have been slowly working on a project with my dolls to raise funds for cancer research. It is also I hope going to get more people, especially children to read since many of my dioramas are based on books. I will also be adding a teaching component to the exhibit to teach people viewing the exhibit why we wear the clothing we do and how history influenced what we wear.

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If you would be willing to ask your readers if they would be willing to donate any of the above dolls I would be extremely grateful! I am sewing from my bed doing this project so I'm not as fast as I used to be but I'm still getting quite a lot done considering the pain and fatigue from all the health issues not to mention the ongoing depression related to the bi-polar illness I have for which I can not take antidepressants.

If you can help by asking your friends list if any of them would like to help I would be extremely grateful.

As a follow-up, she also sent me a link to a sample doll--a costume from The Age of Innocence (scroll down)--in case you wanted to see what her handiwork looks like. Christina's not on LiveJournal anymore after a bad trolling incident, so if you're interested in helping, I can get you in touch with her. If you have questions, I'll be happy to get what answers I can.

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And now I *flop*

First off, dollish news: Freakishly Lifelike Joker (With Extra Police Uniform) is available for pre-order and a January release! If you do want this, you may want to reserve yours now, because I think the previous version completely sold out.

THE LITTLEST BELLA IS IMMINENT. (Scroll to the end.) I am advised that she will be shipping next week, in fact. I think it'll take me a few entries to work her in, as I started planning for the worst (JULY, WTF), but I can adjust the story pretty quickly. (As previously mentioned, any and all spare Littlest Edwards will be used as doubles. I did the sorta-twin thing once; I don't think I can manage it again.)

MOAR DOLLS: My Little Ponies that might actually taste like candy; Tonner Warehouse Relocation Sale in NY; I have two things to say about the latest repaint here, and they are: 1) This is a very talented artist. 2) That shit ain't right. I don't even want to contemplate what the eventual owner might do with that.

A note about links to movie parodies, video and otherwise: I wanted to do Watchmen in Fifteen Minutes, but I never did because when I sat down, I just couldn't think of anything to say. And several weeks later, I realized it was because I had seen two or three really funny takes on the original book... so when I sat down to write, all that came to mind were their jokes. So from now on, I might link to parodies of movies I plan on writing about in the future if I happen to see them (the movie sites I watch often post them), but only for y'all to see them--if you specifically want me to watch them, well... it's not going to happen. I'm talking about parodies of things like X-Men/Wolverine, Star Trek, Terminator--all the summer movies, whichever if any I end up trying to write about, but also stuff later in the year. I mean, I'm sure parodists will eventually switch over from Twilight to New Moon, and I won't be able to look at those either. I barely look at them now, even the ones I link.

(I remember that I said to someone once that I couldn't read other people's parodies if I hadn't written my own yet, and whoever it was got really huffy about all the things I was "missing out on." You know what? If it's the only way I can keep doing my own thing, I'm pretty sure I'm okay with that sacrifice.)

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