May 31st, 2009


Damn you, teenage girls! DAAAAAMN YOUUUUU

So. The MTV Movie Awards are on in about an hour, whatever--if I were smart I'd liveblog them, but I just can't bring myself to expend so much energy on what will inevitably be a Twilight blowout. (THE DARK KNIGHT, PEOPLE, COME THE FUCK ON.) But I'm not sure I can stand to not watch it, just in case something stupid happens. I mean, exceptionally so. Also, I am allergic to Those Famewhores from The Hills Whose Names I Refuse to Learn, which is going to be problematic. Anyway, my point is, they're supposed to be showing Half-Blood Prince and New Moon clips during the show, which will then go online, and I'll ETA links for those here. Anything happens, I'll come back and say it here. Maybe on Twitter. Hating myself all the way. I don't know.

ETA: Wait, they've already given out Best Villain? Ah, here we are: "[Heath Ledger], who passed away in January 2008, was named “Best Villain” for his portrayal of Batman’s clown-faced psychotic nemesis in a special MTV Movie Awards pre-show announcement." Well, I don't have to wreak any vengeance for that one, that's good.

ETA: We got a Transformers clip. Meanwhile, I'm bored to death on Twitter.

ETA: HBP clip just ran; the show is reairing later tonight if you missed it and want to see it, you know, TV-sized. Also, Sacha Baron Cohen just flew commando in on angel wings, got dumped upside down on Eminem's face, and Eminem just walked out in a huff. The dumping was planned, obviously; I don't know if the walkout was.

ETA: New Moon clip up next. My TV is shaking with the screams of teenage girls.


ETA: Now on YouTube! (HD on MySpace, smaller at MTV.)

ETA: They're promising a Public Enemies clip but the show is over? Will keep an eye out for this.

ETA: Okay, I love you, Johnny Depp, but not enough to sit through this crap show to figure out what's going on.

ETA: And there's now a small movement to make #fursplosion a trending topic. Oh, Twitter, you so bored on Sunday nights.

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