July 12th, 2009



So. Stuff.

We all went out to New York Pizza for Valkyrie's birthday yesterday (I am slightly obsessed with their Fire Island Fajita pizza. IT COMES WITH SALSA!), and then we went to see The Lovely Emily's new house, which is awesome, although I think the first words out of my mouth were, "God, it's huge! --You got yourself a lotta pokeweed there." But it really is awesome (it has an entire Rock Band room).

Finally going to try to learn to knit. Knittinghelp.com is going to be my first stop. My first project is going to be a practice scarf with a bit of leftover yarn on which I can try out random techniques. More of a "scarf," really. I'd really like to knit Lyra a little knee-length pink cardigan, but... that's probably years away, in terms of knitting experience.

I think I have a cavity between two molars. Maybe it's just gum inflammation, but my hopes are not high. I have a dental cleaning appointment at the end of the month anyway, so... whatever.

Dying of cramps. You needed to know this, I'm sure. But at least when I say "I'm feeling really bad today," you'll know I don't mean it emotionally.

A few key linkspam items:

Ryan Reynolds Lands 'Green Lantern'! I'm going to be really interested to see how this does or does not affect his Deadpool movie. (However: congratulations, Green Lantern movie! You now get a tag.)

New Moon and Cameron!Avatar panels rescheduled to avoid riots; The Horrors of Comic-Con 2009: Saturday; GIRLS AT COMIC-CON! GET IN THE CAR.

First Look: Wes Anderson's Version of 'Fantastic Mr. Fox.'

'True Blood' gets truly great with new episode tonight.

"I am not a hero for turning you on, and neither is John Barrowman."


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