July 26th, 2009



From last night: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in Fifteen Minutes.

And now up: Episode Nineteen: We Put On Our Robes And Wizard Hats (with special opening) at made_of_fail_pc, wherein we discuss the movie itself (I never did tell y'all about the shenanigans at my theater opening night, did I? Well, now you get to hear). I'll try to pull a sample clip for you to hear. Sadly, of the two girls, I'm the one 1) with the weird laugh 2) you can't hear too well. DAMMIT I'M GETTING A HEADSET.

ETA: Around 11m:30s, you get a (pre-emptive) explanation of two jokes in the 15M.

ETA: Here's a sample clip about the wizard duel at my theater.

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