August 18th, 2009

msauvage purple

Two things

While we're waiting on the laptop:

1) Since I'm going to have to set everything up from scratch, I'm trying to remember all the programs and Firefox extensions I use. I mean, I'm sure as the need comes up, I'll think of them, and I'm not going to run out and re-download everything just for the sake of it if it turns out I'll never need it again at all. However, I will definitely go out to (or other sites as necessary) and get Firefox, AVG (virus protection), Media Monkey (mp3 player), CCleaner, AdAware, Semagic (Livejournal editor), TweetDeck, Yahoo Messenger, Skype, the KMPlayer (for .flv files and screencapping), and LJArchive. And then there's also toolbar buttons for quick adding to Delicious and Google Reader.

I try to use as few Firefox extensions as possible, to keep the browser from dragging (well, but I do have more memory and a better processor now...), but I use NoScript, ScreenGrab, an expand-all function for JournalFen (LJ has it built in now), a video downloader (good on YouTube), and... something else, I can't remember what at the moment.

But I'm sure I'm forgetting something. Anything else you'd recommend I look at?

2) Can you help out sirius20_81 with any job leads? She's in the Indianapolis area, trying really hard to find work for months, has a young son, and is near eviction.

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