September 1st, 2009



I'm not ready to love you just yet, September. I've been hurt, okay? August hurt me bad. I don't know that I'm ready to love again just yet. Can we take it slow?

So yesterday I got out the sample vial (an "imp," for those of you not familiar with BPAL culture) of White Light that lunakitten sent me and put some of it in a candle (yes, safety first: I blew it out before I added a flammable substance) and then some of it ended up on my hands so I rubbed it on my wrists and let me tell you, that stuff smells great. I can't even really pick out what it smells like, just light and warm and kind of sweet, except that I think someone said there's lemon in it? I don't even know.

(Side note: Twilight Alchemy Lab is an offshoot of BPAL that PREDATES TWILIGHT, THANKS. And the Siren oil there is not the same as the Siren oil on the main site, which is one of my absolute favorites in an oil diffuser. I think it's the ginger--it helps me work. I need to remember to get a full bottle of that.)

I also have a magical-thinking superstition about calendars--you must, must, MUST change it over the first day of the month, you can't let it sit on the wrong page. If the previous month was good, you can leave it on that page for most of the first day so that the good vibes carry over. If the previous month was bad, you change that bitch as soon as possible. Midnight on the 31st, if possible.

Well, this month was so bad that I actually took the calendar down last night and CLOSED IT and waited for today to even hang it back up again. ON THE SEPTEMBER PAGE. I want to be shut of that bad juju for good.

Of course, I'm still not assuming things are magically better now. Like I said, for all I know, August had nothing to do with it and it's all just going to keep going.

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