September 3rd, 2009

msauvage purple

Checking in

So there was chocolate on Tuesday night (Lindt, even!), so September 1st turned out pretty well. No fights or explosions, either. Yesterday was okay, although I'm kind of tired and a little sick; I did come up with a brilliant idea to pay for the laptop (which I will reveal in good time). Today the antibiotic I'm on is upsetting my stomach a good bit (no, no yogurt in the house. But: chocolate! And Coke! Ooo, I should go get some Coke now). It's rainy and I'm tired to the point of nausea--I haven't been able to sleep due to Thermostat Wars. My kingdom is chilly no more--but I have the house to myself so I will flop, and then I will try to work some. Knock on wood, cross your fingers, etc.

OH ALSO I FORGOT: I need some cute stationery that won't cost me an arm and a leg. Blank cards for thank-yous or quick notes and also paper for letters, probably. Recs?

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