September 9th, 2009

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You have got to be kidding me

@cleolinda: Text from Mom: "Well, I just found out my car [repair] is going to cost $2850. Too much wrong with it to put in this text."

@cleolinda: So... people said I should sell the e-book for $5 instead of $3. I... I think I may do that now. My GOD, what else could we have to pay for?

@cleolinda: (Don't answer that.)

Also, Scout is throwing up.

And now I can't find my bottle of High John the Conqueror, or even the imp (vial) I used back when I was writing the 15M book (IT IS AROUND HERE SOMEWHERE), although in frantically rifling through two BPAL stashes I did find a few of the Conjure Bag blends (Aunt Caroline's Joy Mojo, yay!) and AN ENTIRE VIAL OF SIREN THAT I DID NOT EVEN KNOW I HAD. There are no special "powers" attached to that one--it's just the general catalogue ginger/jasmine/apricot blend (not the "magickal" Twilight Alchemy Lab blend that, apparently on purpose, smells like decomposing roses)--but it is my favorite working scent because the ginger gives me a ton of energy and focus for some reason (and also, I love peach and apricot). Sadly, my family hates the way it smells on me (I think the way my skin amps the ginger bothers them?), so usually I don't wear it--I use it as a room scent, in MY room, so if you don't like it GTFO, etc. But since I'm working at the family computer, I'm wearing it so at least it'll leave the room when I do--in theory, although some of the scent will probably linger. And you know what? The depth of my not-caring is phenomenal at this point. I need to finish this Harry Potter thing and we need the money. Keep in mind that my sister ALSO got handed a mechanic's bill for $1300 at the end of August.

(Don't be concerned about September, though. The car repair relates to a concrete something or other my mother drove over in... August.)

(And since people have been asking about Secret Life of Dolls--I need to take a picture, and I think my iPhone will be good enough for the purpose, but I don't know when I can post a new thing, what with the frantic writing for laptop funds and car-repair moneys.)

So... that's my day. So far.

ETA: An email from my mother, re: what's wrong with the car:  "Apparently everything.  I need a new water pump – very labor intensive to replace (which means lots of $$$$); timing chain is cracked – that’s what actually makes the car run; front and rear brakes are 95% worn and rotors are warped; transmission fluid is black – it’s supposed to be clear; air filter is filthy and has dog hairs in it; it’s also time for an oil change (way past due………..) and I need two new tires – the front two apparently are bald.   Like I said, I guess I’m glad I actually got home last night."


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