September 22nd, 2009

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This and that

Okay. Today was also pretty bad, but I think I'm going to be all right. At various points in my hormonal cycle, there are days when I feel like I could lead a revolution... and there are days when I can't deal with a papercut. I think last week had a few of the latter. (Honestly, I should just know by now that any instance of a mental No One Will Ever Love Meeeeee pity party = automatic Papercut Day and and should be disregarded in its entirety as such.) So. Things not going great, but I feel less overwhelmed.

A few interesting things:

"In before copious whining about how LJ operating like a business stifles their freedom," or, LiveJournal will now let you put Google ads (and profit from them) on your own journal. A lot of people have asked if I could do this or encouraged me to do so (back then, I said I was pretty sure you couldn't). I still don't know about it, though. If it pisses people off (and believe me, there are tons of people on the internets who accept sites that always used ads but flip the hell out when other sites start using them, omg hdu sell out, etc.)--losing your readership for a short-term gain is a long-term financial risk, if you look at it that way. How much money do you actually make off these things? Would it even be worth it?

Meanwhile, my New Moon recap has been quoted twice in Twilight and Philosophy (see "search inside this book" and put in "cleolinda"). SUCK IT, WIKIPEDIA, I AM NOTABLE.

(Actually, looking at the page on me, I believe the "Tiny Things, Tiny Minds" review linked at the bottom--is that the one where I was partially blamed for the imminent fall of Western civilization? Because I considered putting that on my resume. For real.)

Speaking of the sparkle,

@cleolinda: Interesting New Moon shots. Fantasy forest sequence what what?

Hey, I nearly bought that bedspread last summer. Decided it kind of clashed with the wolves, though.

@cleolinda: Also, pictures seem to indicate that Taylor Lautner will not be wearing a shirt at any time, at all, ever. He may be allergic, in fact.

Meanwhile, I have another new story idea, but it feels more like a book series and I don't know if I have the mental resources for that right now. Maybe it's one of those that I just end up tucking away (on the "story farm," as I think of it) for later.

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