November 18th, 2009



So I've been having these really annoying dizzy spells lately

@cleolinda I'm so dizzy. What's *wrong* with me? (First person to ask if I've been dazzled gets my foot up their sparkle.)

@Maudelynn @cleolinda: ok, are you glamoured, then ??? *runs away

@cleolinda @Maudelynn: Lord, deliver unto me a Real Vampire for some of that there.

and after going through a mental checklist of what the problem could be, I'm starting to think that it's a combination of 1) a stealth sinus infection (I have had a cough for a while, even though I haven't really felt congested), 2) not eating enough (sinus ick makes me feel queasy, as does emotional stress, 3) probably not staying hydrated enough, and 4) said emotional stress, which is coming at me from several angles and is kind of pissing me off. As it turns out, this week and the week after are turning out to be the two busiest work ("work") weeks in a long, long time if not the entire year itself, with two internet pieces and the second e-book needing to be written, plus the movie itself tonight and the podcast on Sunday (which I am so looking forward to, but it IS another thing on my calendar, you know? And the laptop hasn't come in yet, angst angst fnarr etc.), and I would really, REALLY like everyone to quit dumping their bullshit on me. I am not directing this at any one person, Friends or Family Member(s) Who Might Somehow Be Reading This. And yes, it is completely selfish of me to say that my needs require that I not deal with your problems right now. But seriously: they do. Two weeks. That's all I'm asking. Just THIS week, even. Stop dumping your shit on me and maybe I'll stop needing a fainting couch, who knows.

What I really want right now is someone around to spoil and pet and baby me. Like... someone of the opposite gender. Because you know how it is--whichever gender you're into, there's something different about having someone thereof to take care of you, someone who's actually into you. I hate saying "I want a man around to take care of me," because it's not like that--it's like, sometimes I want to ride in from the battlefield and be sheltered and patched up and refreshed every once in a while, and then go riding back out to finish fighting my own battles. And I would do the same for whoever I was with. And I want shelter right now. I guess that's the thing--I've said this before, but I don't think of love as a happy ending; I think of it as a beginning. And I wish I could begin.

Exposure to Twilight is probably a bad idea right now, isn't it?

On a twinklier note, security is apparently going to be tight at this preview tonight, and they are going to search people for phones and confiscate them (tag and bag them to return to you afterward), because God forbid someone should try to capture the dazzle on film. What I really wanted to do was use the Voice Memo function on the iBella to record the audience screaming during the Attempted Sparklecide (it's the one scene slo-mo enough for me to know exactly when to hit record), because, seriously: best LJ audio post ever. Just post that, no title, no entry text, just the roar of sparkle-inflamed estrogen. And they would DENY me this. I am INFINITELY CHAGRINED.

Oh well. I'm probably going to end up sitting through endless wolfing seeing it again with other people, most likely my mother and aunt, who want to see "Robert" it as well, so maybe I can grab some audio at a less ~*special*~ screening.

(Zomg e-book! The Annotated Movies in Fifteen Minutes: Wizards!)

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