November 23rd, 2009


I am so confused as to which day of the week it is

Saw New Moon again today, because Mom wanted to see it--and, once again, the movie broke down at a key scene. This time they actually gave us free passes afterwards (which I intend to use on Sherlock Holmes next month, kthnx), but the lesson I think we should all take away from this is: don't go see a Twilight movie with my mother. Or, at the very least, warn a theater manager beforehand. She liked it, although she says she got bored during the Jacob third of the movie. I come by it honestly, people.

Still working on New Moon in Fifteen Minutes (although apparently not fast enough, judging by a number of inquiries sent in). Mostly it's my head cold that's holding me up--we're progressing to an itchy dry cough and sinus-exacerbated migraines now. I took another nine (Jesus, nine?) pages of notes at this viewing, mostly because I wanted to nail the stuff that pisses me off, instead of just going BULLSHIT LOVE TRIANGLE WHAT IS THE POINT WHATEVER I DON'T CARE. (Although that would definitely shorten the word count, and you know how much I enjoy accomplishing that.) The problem, though, is that this isn't 2012, where "No one cares about these characters" is a legitimate, objective statement. Seriously, no one cares. BLOW STUFF UP. Whereas I find Jacob to be a character in need of a far better story, and the love triangle to be, as previously stated, a badly-conceived, pointless, bullshit waste of time, but that's not universally agreed upon. Particularly in the eyes of Team Jacob. Who I am pretty sure will eat my face. I mean, the pro-sparkilarity slant will probably piss them off anyway; let's not borrow trouble.

Oh, meanwhile: I mentioned talking to a reporter from the (I will now reveal) Hartford Courant. (Article here.) Turns out my part (and that of a Hartford professor as well) got edited out for space considerations, which is okay. I mean, I was expecting to be in all of two sentences anyway. However, I am the one who gave the writer a crash course in the hilarrible world of the "Twilight" "Saga," and you can see my influence in the first few paragraphs. Let me just say, if I say nothing else, that it's not so much that the books themselves are dangerous or horrible or bad influences or [insert feminist/sociological complaint here]; it's that we need to talk about those issues in hopes of neutralizing them. A lot of girls and women read these books, enjoy them, and walk away unscathed, because they're just books. Unfortunately, we've also seen a number who don't. I'm not saying that there's any one truth here, in terms of whether these books do or do not harm whoever in whichever way. I'm just saying, clearly they've eaten society's brain at this point, and it's the sheer number of people who read them that give them their power. It's the zeitgeist now, so we need to be having these discussions, and it's the discussions themselves--there are no "answers"--that will keep us on stable ground. So, I'll say it again: Parents, talk to your kids about Edward Cullen. And drugs, if you get around to that.

(Zomg e-book! The Annotated Movies in Fifteen Minutes: Wizards!)

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