November 25th, 2009



Ran a low fever today, because apparently we are still on this. I'm spinning my wheels on New Moon between cough syrup-induced comas and not getting anything done. Outstanding. And tomorrow being Happy Eating Day, I doubt I'll get much else done then, either. God, I want my life back.

Hm. Well, I think what we need is some cute. If you are in the Homewood/Birmingham (AL) area, there is a three-month-old puppy at our vet's who is in need of a home. They have dubbed him "Snoopy," but obviously he could be renamed:

Also, here is Sam home fresh from his bath this morning:

Now to decide if I want to pass out again or not.

(Zomg e-book! The Annotated Movies in Fifteen Minutes: Wizards!)

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