December 31st, 2009

be more awesome

~Bluuuuuuue moooooooon~

Party peoples of the internet! What are you doing tonight?

Why hello there, Twilight Zone marathon.

So that's pretty much all I'll be doing today and tonight, and I am perfectly content with this. One New Year's Eve, I had to work the late shift at the video store; a couple of years later, I ended up being driven "home" to school by a bartender at 5:30 am, through (of all things, here in Alabama) a heavy snowfall, back to a dorm that was technically closed for the holidays so that my friends and I could sneak back in. This, after one friend spent the latter part of the evening throwing up into a party hat. I'm just saying--New Year's Eve at home: not such a bad thing.

(I will also be on the hunt for a new purse, as the handle on my old one, the frustratingly complicated and bepocketed Fendi spy bag knockoff, broke a while back. I want something a bit smaller, black, simple but cute--"stylish," if I can manage it. Oh, and inexpensive. I went to Etsy, got 20,000 search results, and ran away. Suggestions?)

I have absolutely no resolutions, by the way. I like the initial pep-talk excitement of making them, but they never, ever go anywhere. I mean, you've seen me do this before with self-imposed deadlines--I talk a good, rousing talk, and then nothing ever goes anywhere. I know this about myself: setting hard goals works for a lot of people, but it just does not personally work for me, probably because I psych myself out so easily. The only way I ever accomplish anything is by not trying and not expecting. "Follow your bliss," as the man said. So I know there are things I would like to do or improve within myself, but... the only way to do that is pretend they're not there, like a child playing peekaboo. Hey, whatever works.

P.S. There will be Woodchuck.

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