January 23rd, 2010

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Update on the HP Alliance podathon

It starts in about half an hour--hell, it'll probably be in progress by the time I finish writing this entry--so I thought I'd update you on some of the prizes that have been donated, because some of them aren't listed yet. (ETA: Official prize list.) FOR REAL, I AM SO INCREDIBLY NOT KIDDING:

donated by J.K. Rowling

Signed copy of HARLEQUIN VALENTINE by Neil Gaiman
donated by Neil Gaiman

Five lots of one signed and DEDICATED copy of UNSEEN ACADEMICALS by Sir Terry Pratchett (VERY RARE!)
donated by Sir Terry Pratchett

Sir Terry Pratchett's WINTERSMITH, signed by the author on the title page (1st ed)
donated by Colin Smythe

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In my head, I hear Headset Vince from the ShamWow commercials bellowing all of these out, by the way.


Oh, and now that Livejournal's back up from its incredibly well-timed scheduled maintenance, you can see the Hope for Haiti telethon liveblog I did last night; the first entry's here, and you can just hit "Next entry" until you get... well, back to this entry.

By the way, I have now been informed that help_haiti here on LJ will have raised $115,000 by the time all the pledges shake out.

ETA: The podathon has brought in $9100 as of this writing, about an hour in.

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Transitioning from one event to another

So. The HP Alliance podathon for Haiti is still going, I think; at the end of the last hour they had Evanna Lynch (Luna) and Matt Lewis (Neville) on--in fact, as of this writing, I think he's still on. Also, Tom Felton (Draco) is apparently donating a guitar. What I'm hearing is that the donations will keep going until the 30th, and I think a few of the prizes haven't even been listed yet. Also, I'm hearing something about Matt Lewis following you on Twitter for two weeks if you donate $50, but don't quote me on that. The last I heard, they had just hit $30,000.



Please also bear in mind that, because it's a raffle system, not an auction--as I'm understanding it--a full boxed Harry Potter book set signed by JK Rowling is basically going for $100. That's how little it takes to be eligible to win something that awesome. You do have to donate specifically "for" a given item to be entered for it, though.  Look at the prizes page, you'll see what I mean. I'm down in there somewhere.

Meanwhile, the Screen Actors Guild Awards are going to start up in about fifteen minutes, and I'll be liveblogging those, having had a good nap.

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SAG Awards #1

Wow, I am tired. Blogged the Haiti telethon last night, which was challenging in its awkwardness; got to bed later than I meant (because I'm C-H-A to the T-T-Y on the phone); and then ended up running around part of today. I confess, I took a substantial nap in the middle of the Helping Haiti Heal podathon, but they had Evanna Lynch and Matt Lewis, so I'm pretty sure my tweets weren't missed.

By the way, who the hell has a televised awards show on a Saturday night? You couldn't have done this tomorrow?

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