February 9th, 2010

lost by frodosgoosegirl


First: rachelmanija tells me that "helptheproject is to benefit the Virginia Avenue Project, a free after school arts and academic mentoring organization in Los Angeles. 100% of participating children graduate from high school. 95% go on to college. 98% are the first person in their family to go. I've been their stage manager for fifteen years, but due to the US economy's nosedive, they're about to lose their centerpiece program unless we can raise $15,000 by mid-March. The auction has some really cool items on offer, including gift boxes of local treats from all over the USA, home-made baked goods, fanfic and fanart, and signed books and/or offers to name a character after you by Sarah Rees Brennan (The Demon's Lexicon), Elizabeth Wein (The Winter Prince), Sarah Monette (Melusine), N. K. Jemisin (The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms), and many more, including yours truly." So do check that out.

Second: It's Lostnesday! Here is your discussion entry.

Third: I think all we Lost viewers will probably, at some point, find this picture of Bad Cat useful:

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