February 20th, 2010

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So I saw The Book of Eli

So Mom's birthday was Thursday, and they had lunch for her at work (she makes whatever dessert someone wants when it's someone else's birthday), so she took today off instead of yesterday--had a pedicure, got her hair did, and then we tried--and failed--to find something for my aunt's birthday (the same day as Mom's, although they're five years apart), so then we went to a movie. I have been agitating for The Wolfman, but I also really want to see Shutter Island, either of which she said she'd see, so we saw... The Book of Eli. (Hey, it's her birthday.) Apparently someone at work told her, "It's action-packed and has a lot of character development!" Okay... no. I mean, I'd give it a solid three stars, but she picked it on that one recommendation, having no idea what else it was about, except that she likes Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman (okay, point). I knew, but I couldn't really think how to explain it without giving too much away. So we get there, and it's artily-photographed, color-desaturated ("Is it gonna look like this the whole time?" "Oh yeah"), post-apocalyptic walking. A lot of walking. A lot. And people robbing and raping and killing and eating people, as you do after the apocalypse. Collapse ) Mom really liked it, though, so: mission accomplished.

Now then! I just got back from seeing Shutter Island--by myself, thnx much, and I'm fully prepared to see The Wolfman solo as well, if I can get a time that works out--but I want to discuss that in a separate entry. So give me--eh, knowing me, probably an hour to write that up. ETA: Okay, here we are. SPOILERS.

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So I also saw Shutter Island

Earlier today: The Book of Eli. Which also has a major twist, though I don't say what it is.

When you write about a movie that's just come out, you have to make the call as to whether you want to discuss key plot points or not, because on one hand, you don't want to spoil the experience for others (particularly if you're telling them to go see it). On the other... there's not much you can say about the thematic meat of the movie if you can't discuss what happens. So! Considering that this an adaptation of a book people may have already read, and that the ending isn't all that hard to guess--I'm going to go ahead and discuss the whole thing behind the cut. However, for those of you who want to stay unspoiled, I will just say that the music drove me out of my mind. It was this heavy-handed DUN! DUN! DUNNN!!!--it reminds me vaguely of the music that Scorsese used in the Cape Fear remake, but don't hold me to that--that seemed to take the place of the movie actually being scary. Hell, the movie opens with Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo being driven up the long road to the asylum (DUN! DUN! DUNNN!!!) and through the forbidding gates (DUN! DUN! DUNNN!!!) and up to the happy, colorful little garden in front of the main building (DUN! DUN! DUNNN!!!). I really would have liked to see what Scorsese could have done with, say, a nice unnerving silence instead of the SCA!RY!NOW! strings.

On to the major, major spoilers. Collapse ) 

ETA: rockgeisha makes an interesting point about the ending.

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