March 2nd, 2010

pallas cat - *catface*

Still doing the goth monster thing

So... The Werewolf Book is... not turning out well. I'm gonna read the whole thing because I paid for it, dammit, but it's not my top reading priority anymore. Collapse )

A few links:

Snackfood Deathmatch today features M&Ms vs. Skittles! Collapse )

Meanwhile, I'm going to cut the emails off at the pass:

Robert is bothered that Robert Is Bothered. Also, he will be on the Daily Show tonight. This fills me with an unholy glee I have not felt since Neil Gaiman was on the Colbert Report.

WHAT IN THE SWEET NAME OF FUCK OH GOD MADAME TUSSAUD NO. Was the Museum Quality Head not enough? WHY. I should admit here that wax museums completely freak me out. I have a number of irrationally particular phobias (an airline losing my luggage, eyeballs being injured or even touched, the humiliation of other people who are themselves incapable of feeling embarrassment, the mustache of Salvador Dali), and wax museums are one of them. They just feel so wrong to me. I was weirded out by the Clan Brangelina figures and I'm weirded out by this. So very very much.

(Place your bets now: will it take more or less than three days for this thing to be mangled, stolen, or otherwise compromised by rampaging fangirls? I'm putting five bucks on two.)

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