March 5th, 2010

pallas cat - meep

20 (000) questions

So there's this thing called Formspring (, not .com) where you can sign up to let people ask you questions, or ask them yourself; you can leave your username, but you can also ask anonymously. Enough people were doing it on Twitter that I finally broke down and thought, Okay, sure. I'll probably get some trolls or inappropriate questions, but you don't have to answer anything you don't want, so why not. It'll probably take me a while to answer them, though--if I mention it on Twitter, I might get, like, fifteen questions the first day or something...

So, one day later, I have answered 72 questions and still have 33 in my inbox. That... that happened. And some of the unanswered ones are really good ones; I'm just having to parcel the answers out between other things I'm doing, and sometimes needing extra time to think of good replies. I mean, "Best song ever" is gonna take me a while. (Also, three people have already asked about my favorite books; I just haven't answered that yet.) So far I've been asked about dolls, The Secret Life thereof, pasta, poetry, podcasts, my creative process, BPAL, Aromaleigh, my preference re: Spike and Angel, pop-culture vampire throwdowns, snacks, unobtainium, how I actually feel about Twilight, and head-squishing. The newest answers are on top, but they're not really dependent on chronological order, I don't think.

By the way: I reserve, and have already exercised, the right not to answer questions I find to be rude or invasive. No one will see your question unless I answer it, so don't bother trolling if all you want is attention.

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