March 8th, 2010

galadriel decipher

Twenty questions

So this Formspring thing keeps glitching and not letting people see older answers, which also means that people are asking duplicate questions because they can't see what I've already answered. And I am getting asked a lot. I've answered 200, and I've got something like 83 still hidden in the inbox. So what I'm going to do is copy-paste the answers into LJ entries--but always backdated to 3/8/10, so that they don't keep cluttering up your f-list after today. I'll tell you when I've put up a new one, but we'll use 3/8 as the archive day. And that way, people can comment on the questions/answers without having to create new "this isn't really a question" questions to do so. I'll also put them in order from the top down, the way you naturally read, instead of the newest on top the way Formspring does it.

I'm sure some people will see posting all of this as incredibly egotistic on my part, but y'all, I just answered two hundred questions. That shit is not going to waste. So!

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More in a bit.

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