June 22nd, 2010


A few things

I discovered yesterday that Sam has been moonlighting as a superhero fighting crime. And that his masked alter ego is... Red Panda. Collapse )

Meanwhile, Tour of Terror III is about to culminate in the Eclipse premiere in LA on Thursday. The last I heard, the tent city comprises 350 fans (no drugs, alcohol, cooking, or amplified music, plz), and OVER 9000 wristbands have been passed out. (For comparison, 6000 fans showed up for that San Diego Comic-Con panel in 2008.) Collapse )

Meanwhile: The Associated Press has asked me to state whether I am Team Edward or Team Jacob. It looks like you will find out on Thursday. I think I did a better job of answering than Emma Roberts did, but I am prepared to stand my ground rather than be run off Livejournal, so.
A little afternoon linkspam: Collapse ) 

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