June 30th, 2010


On the seventh day of Sparklemas...

...my blogger gave to me: seven mobs a-mobbing!

So. I was having a mild panic attack earlier, but I think I've pulled myself together now. These are really a pretty recent thing; I don't even know. I will say that our fridge has died, our grill has died, and this morning, there was a carjacking in my old (but still pretty near) neighborhood. The slats fell out of my bed, three pairs of jeans spontaneously died (two of them sprang holes of varying sizes in the left knee--which is weird, that they both did. Denim sabotage?--and the third's zipper just came out, like, overnight and I didn't even do anything to it, I don't even KNOW), and I have no idea what I'm going to wear this evening when we go to the movie. It's like, I don't want to end up in freakin' black dress pants and a v-neck t-shirt, but so help me God, I will if I have to. And let's face it: none of these girls are going to be looking at me.

However, the third of the three articles I was interviewed for is up: Living (make that undead) dolls. Because on the Venn diagram of "Talks too much about Twilight on the internet" and "Is a stan for Tonner dolls," there is only one overlap. *hangs head*

(Notice, however, the reason given for my pseudonym, which, in context, is kind of hilarious.)

(I will however, clarify that I did not buy the Prom Bella. I bought the outfit, secondhand and on the cheap. Because the leg cast is, in fact, hilarious.)

Meanwhile, Eclipse is, predictably, wreaking havoc. Collapse )

(Also, today I'm posting a few of my favorite Twilight things--like comics panels and macros--on Tumblr (scroll down). The queue will probably be autoposting long into the night. Also-also! Edward Cullen Cat's adoption is slowly finalizing, it looks like! He may have a home by the end of the week!)

By contrast, there's... The Last Airbender. For starters, there's an ICE-COLD HALF-STAR BURN from Roger Ebert. Meanwhile, the movie has risen from zero to an impressive six percent on Rotten Tomatoes (the pull quotes are delightful). The interesting thing about Ebert's review is that his primary problems with the movie don't even involve the racial controversy (although he linked on his Twitter to a "devastating" blog entry about that); to hear him tell it, the movie isn't even competent filmmaking.

@ebertchicago: Frustrated by Airbender's lousy 3D, Peter Sobczynski took off his glasses & guesses roughly 2/3 of the footage was in 2D!

And yet, my mother still wants to see it. Really, really bad. So we're going on Sunday, I think. I really, really doubt I can take two Things Of Which We Do Not Speak at once (Dayna, DON'T EVEN SAY IT), so I promise nothing. I think we are recording a new Made of Fail on Saturday, though.

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So I saw Eclipse


We got there early enough to get exactly the seats we wanted, and it was comfortably full. (Keep in mind that it was a 5:45 pm.) I didn't see anyone really out-there, just some really young girls and an intermittently crying baby. I will say, the theater was pleasantly cool when we walked in, but about a third of the way through, my glasses steamed up. And they stayed that way. A roomful of 200 het-up women literally steamed up my glasses. Literally, in the literal sense of literally. I could hardly see the movie. I spent an hour pulling them down and pushing them back up, hoping that would help.

So. Anyway. I have to give Eclipse a lot of credit, because: Collapse )

P.S. THIS IS A THING THAT REALLY HAPPENED: Elena Kagan Grilled on Critical Judicial Matter of Edward vs. Jacob. 

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