September 24th, 2010

galadriel tonner

Quick update

Okay. Secret Life. The entry coding is done, but I am still working on pictures, because honestly, some of these are hard to set up (and still look believable), and I'm having to choose just two or three of the simpler ones to pull off. However, at least one of the pictures is unspeakably epic and I think you will enjoy it.

Meanwhile, the read-through is properly updated--even the briefest mentions from the early days now have entries For Your Convenience. You will probably want to revisit Shelf to the Future and A Very Shelfy Christmas I, if nothing else, because the next entry is the second part of Christmas, because yes, I am nine months behind. This does, however, allow me to tell the story in past tense now, which may make the narrative a bit--richer?--so we will just deal with it.

However, one of the problems with the nine-month lag is that a number of y'all have only just joined us this year, and thus you have not the slightest idea what I am talking about. The Secret Life of Dolls is the saga of my doll collection, their shenanigans, and their beleaguered owner (me). It even has its own TV Tropes page. ("Guilty Pleasures: Oh god is it this. A soap opera played by dolls. Multiple primary characters are from Twilight. And this male troper CAN'T STOP READING IT.") There are also, however, a large number of Lord of the Rings dolls, an Elizabeth Swann, an Anna Valerious, a Lyra and a Serafina, two Ellowynes, and I am still probably forgetting someone. We are also now up to three new characters who will be appearing as soon as I can bring them in--one of them was supposed to debut last August, but the Compocalypse happened, etc. One of the three, however, will not be a main character, and I expect will only make a few minor appearances, or otherwise--well, let's just say it would be counter-productive to my goal of doing more with the original group of dolls.

What I would like to ask of y'all, however, is to explain in the comments, if you would, to the newer people why they would want to read it. Because I've had a number of people tell me they just skipped the doll entries on purpose, because, you know... dolls... but eventually broke down and started reading, and discovered that it wasn't what they expected. Which is why I need y'all to explain this (if you would), because it's not something you can really take my word for. I feel really conceited asking you to do this, but I sound completely delusional when I try to explain it. So.





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