September 28th, 2010


So this is happening. All of this is happening

First of all: in case you missed it, since I did post on a Saturday when everyone was out actually doing things, there is a new Secret Life of Dolls. And bless y'all for actually commenting on the "Explain what you like about Secret Life" entry; I didn't think you'd actually do it. I was hoping for maybe a couple of quotes I could use in the future, not 100+ comments. Bless. So I have now written the next four entries (you can see some of the titles here; two of them are just too spoilery to post), and I'll have to take pictures, but I hope we can get to #78 by Halloween, and since they're drafted, I don't see any reason why (OH GOD DON'T LET THE HOUSE BURN DOWN) we can't.

Meanwhile, I was extremely productive yesterday because my internet connection decided to hate me. Over and over and over again. As such, there was no linkspam. But a few key things happened, and I would like to mention them briefly and then catch other things later tonight or tomorrow: Collapse )

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