October 18th, 2010

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So how was your day?

New Secret Life of Dolls thataway. And when you're done, here is the back story on [spoiler].

Meanwhile, I didn't quite grasp this fact the last time I mentioned it, but foresthouse is having her keratoconus eye surgery on Thursday, not some vague indefinite "soon." If you've ever wanted to send me money for writing about movies or dolls or linkspam or what have you--please think about sending it to her instead; her PayPal address is emilyesse @gmail .com (take out the spaces). I mean, there are so many of you here that five dollars would help, if you could. If you'd rather send me money, I'm dailydigest @yahoo .com (and I will turn around and give it to her). And foresthouse herself writesask_deadpool, she co-founded and works on the North American Discworld Convention (NADWCON), and she's my agent and she needs to be able to see to do these things and I don't know what else to do. Except "write faster," maybe.

... I've just now found out that my other grandmother is in the hospital after having been in a car accident. It sounds like she's going to be okay, but she did break some ribs, and they've put her in ICU because of her age.

What's that, Tiny Tim? You need a new crutch? I'm sorry, all I have tonight is linkspam. It's a lot of good stuff, but pretty much without commentary because I'm a little wrung out at the moment.

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