October 31st, 2010


And a very merry Spookymas to you

Yesterday: A new Secret Life of Dolls. By the way, someone asked in the comments when the Cliffhanging Last Line would come to fruition. I had intended it more as Deep Foreshadowing to pay off at a much later date, but once I sat down and thought about it--it doesn't make much sense to put it off that long (in the scheme of things that only I know). So next week, as promised, we will have Shelf Justice, and then the week after that, we will find out what the last line means.

However, for the purposes of the story time frame, we are all going to have to pretend that the U.S. Postal Service has been replaced by the Pony Express, or maybe unusually large carrier pigeons. Actually, given what happened with Tonner Edward, that may not be too much of a stretch.

Meanwhile: you remember snowcoma, who adopted Edward Cat for her mom. She's in medical trouble now too. There are some really wonderful things up for auction for her as well--if you lost out on some of the foresthouseeyes lots, you might consider browsing Grace's as well. So far I'm seeing jewelry, artwork, perfume oils, fiction, scarves, Meyer lemon cuttings, and a signed copy of cupcake_goth's Gothic Charm School book. So you can get a year of postcards from The Littlest Edward (he may want to make his own stationery, I don't know) over on one community, and a year of postcards from Galadriel (filled with clues and predictions) on the other.

Also: Mark has finished Reading Harry Potter, and I have heard that he said in the comments there what his next Read would be. I won't spoil it, but it is something I had considered offering to recap if we managed to raise enough for both of Emily's surgeries. Basically, I wanted to wait and make sure we weren't going recap the same thing at the same time. So: we will see.

Meanwhile-meanwhile: Scary Deathmatch Finals over at snacky's!

Also-also: tonight, I will be celebrating Halloween dressed as a crazy doll lady writing the Secret Life installment-after-next. The hellions down the street will probably do terrible things to our tires. If I am lucky, there will be peanut butter cups. Who else has plans?

OH HOLY SHIT I ALMOST FORGOT. Today is the seventh birthday of this journal! Also that.

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