November 18th, 2010



The unifying theme of the day: interviews.

@cleolinda: Talking to a reporter later today about SOMETHING OTHER THAN TWILIGHT. #excite

@cleolinda: If you can't get someone of actual Potter importance, I am available for comments, interviews, birthdays and bar mitzvahs.

Collapse )

Speaking of Tonner dolls, I have good and bad news for you guys, or at least bad for the Doctor Who and Firefly fans: Robert Tonner has had a three-part Q&A on Facebook. Collapse )

Meanwhile, I'm going to Midnight Harry Potter tonight, so I am trying to get some sleep in, and failing miserably. We'll have a discussion entry this weekend, once people have had a couple of days to see it. That said, counter-programming for Saturday is pretty much ready to go.

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