January 11th, 2011

msauvage purple

Let me tell you, internets

I am disappoint. Huntsville and Hothlanta are buried, and all Birmingham got was a thick, granular crust of ice--basically, an accumulation of sleet. It was enough to make everything dangerous, but nothing fun to make up for it. We had some actual snowflakes today, but nothing that stuck--just the same old crusty ice that had softened yesterday and then refrozen over night. We didn't even get enough snow to do this:

Meanwhile, Boston and New York seem to be preparing for the Snowpocalypse to hit them. Foresthouse also tells me that D.C. is expecting a few inches, so I have been designated her Emergency Representative. More seriously: I hope all my Australian readers are safe right now. We will be sending good thoughts in your direction.

ETA: You can donate to flood relief efforts here.

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