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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

Many things to mention
Such as:

There is a new Made of Fail podcast up!

Foresthouse is in an American Gods contest, and if she can stay in the top 20 until May 2, those 20 entries will go to a panel to be chosen for a part in the audio book! You can vote for her here.

The Liz Miles LGBTQ-inclusive anthology that Saundra Mitchell was talking about (and is in) is now out for sale (Amazon link)! Yes, it is a Running Press anthology. However, people said they wanted to support inclusiveness, and this isn't a Trisha Telep anthology. I leave it to you.

Speaking of that whole businessRead more...Collapse )

BPAL has a new RPG line of scents! And they're layerable, so you can have, say, your Good/Elf/Paladin combo.

Many people have been cast in The Hunger Games movie! Collapse )

Meanwhile, I'm going back to try to write. Shhhh. Don't wake the Petite Lap Bear.

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