April 22nd, 2011

key to the kingdom

So I saw Water for Elephants

...rather early in the day, because my mother's off work today and she wanted to beat the fangirl rush. Our 10:50 am audience was mostly middle-aged-or-older women with a couple of similarly-aged men--until 10:55, when four teenage girls strolled in. "Ah, the Twibabies," observed my mother. "I guess they slept in." Perhaps this is why they put the Selena Gomez trailer last and put the Two Brothers Who Are Joel Edgerton and Tom Hardy Ultimate-Fighting Each Other!! trailer first. Now, why they put Mel Gibson and his British beaver puppet in the middle, I don't know. That entire array of previews was weird.

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Tomorrow: I may or may not get to see Jane Eyre. I'm going through a bit of a manic rough-around-the-edges swing again, so I'm trying to work as much (and as quietly) as possible.

ETA: My mother wants to go on record as saying that she "really, really liked it."

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