April 23rd, 2011

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So I saw Jane Eyre

Two movies in as many days! I am impressed with myself. And while I saw Water for Elephants (which was also good) so early in the day that the theater wasn't very crowded, I very nearly had it to myself this time.

@cleolinda: I am the only person in this theater, and I doubt that is going to change in the next ten minutes. It's kind of awesome.

@cleolinda: I am totally unafraid of going to movies by myself. I've gone with someone else and had the theater otherwise empty. But this is a new one.

@cleolinda: Except for the fact that I'm having to watch the trailer for The Beaver again, this is pretty much the ideal viewing experience.

@cleolinda: OH DAMMIT

At least the two other women didn't sit in front of me.

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