May 5th, 2011

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Tornado update

So... I've been sick and really rundown and occasionally waking up in the middle of a cold-medicine half-dream to realize I'm talking to people who aren't there. I'm doing my best to be coherent and organized about this, but... well.

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@moirarogersbree: One easy thing to do from a distance is donate to the AL Food Bank:

You can also still text REDCROSS to 90999 to give $10.

@rosannecash: This is so easy- Amazon has a 'needs' list for tornado victims; you can buy and they will ship:

@SmartBitches: Want to send new bras and underwear down South? Email me for shipping address. Deets:

@SmartBitches: I have messages about cases of mini shampoo, underwear, coloring books and other needed supplies heading south. SO AWESOME. #wearealabama

I've helped a little with organizing on YA Highway's Help Write Now auction blog; proceeds will benefit all affected areas, not just Alabama. I was looking into getting a fandom auction community set up, but helpthesouth got going before we could, so you can pitch in over there if you would like. Both YA Highway and Smart Bitches, Trashy Books have been completely awesome in terms of jumping in and trying to get things done, as well as all the writers, editors and agents of all genres who have donated auction items. (So far I've seen critiques, Nooks loaded with e-books, signed books, custom jewelry and at least one knitted pig.) Please let me know if you'd like to donate items--the form is here. And thank you for everything. It means a lot.

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