March 6th, 2012



I should probably say something interesting, but I was having some blood pressure problems on Oscar weekend (stress-related), and then once I got through that, I caught my mother's cold, and then I got over it but she gave it to my stepfather and apparently I caught a completely separate iteration of it from him, because I spontaneously came down with a chest cold, including sore throat and hacking cough, at about 6:38 last night (the friend I was on the phone with can confirm this. "HACK! I think I just swallowed something wrong...? What is thACKHACKHACKHACKHARRRRRFFFFFFF"). My point is: Cinna (who I can't get to embed for the life of me).

Also, Katniss takes on Mugatu, to the shock of Wes Bentley's beard. Collapse )

So. In conclusion, not doing too well at the moment, but keep on keepin' on. Also, Cinna.

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