March 17th, 2012



I probably need to say some things. I am still very tired from a persistent fevery death blarg, however. NONETHELESS the Dark Shadows trailer is out and it is not what any of us expected and I kind of love Eva Green it.

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ALSO IN OTHER NEWS they keep putting out Prometheus trailers--twenty seconds! A FULL MINUTE! Two and a half minutes sometime later today!--and for real, Christopher Nolan needs to step up his trailer game because The Dark Knight is one of my favorite movies but I would pretty much chew my own arm off and hit Batman in the face with it if he were standing between me and this movie.

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Also-also, all the reviews and Twitter comments from people who saw The Hunger Games at its premiere last week indicate that all persons involved have knocked it out of the park. My understanding is that Tonner will preview their Katniss doll (!!!!) the week the movie comes out. I am working on many things to post, like Secret Life and Varney and what-all, but: fevery death blarg. My health has not been good for a long while now. However, I obviously have to hang on until I see The Hobbit, so we ought to be good for a while. IT IS A GREAT TIME TO BE ALIVE.

ETA: ahhhhhhhh I just watched the full trailer when it went live, go to and it'll be at the end of the Q&A replay, omg some movie site post it nowwwww

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