July 2nd, 2012

msauvage purple

*tiny scream*

The Avengers in Fifteen Minutes.

1) I think this one took me the longest time to write ever (SIX WEEKS) barring maybe the year-long meltdown that was the writing of the ten parodies for the book.

2) Two Fifteen Minuteses is already twice as many as I put out last year; I am regular in my irregularity. (Maybe it was the anemia. I don't know.) I can't promise anything but soldiering through the next/last Twilight movie just to say that I finished something.

3) This one went long, even after I valiantly chopped off 350 words. I don't think anyone will actually care, given that The Avengers is like the 3rd highest-grossing ass-long movie of all time or whatever.

4) The new LJ "like"/"repost" function seems automatically throw a "liked" entry by someone else into your journal feed in a way that is much more like Tumblr's auto-credit-giving reblog function and a lot less like stealing my stuff, so I tentatively endorse this. OBSERVE:

(ETA: The LJ Like option seems to be making a few people angry, so... not so much with that. I'm taking the LJ repost part off and leaving Twitter/Facebook/G+ on, since I'm not hearing any complaints about that.)

However, I think, once it's in your friends list, it only shows up that one time—so people won't get spammed with 300 reposts of the same entry. In order to test that, I have reblogged my own Prometheus thing to see what happens. Sorry for any confusion.


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