April 25th, 2013

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Hannibal 1x04: "Oeuf" webisodes

@TheAVClub: That pulled episode of Hannibal is now a series on the Internet, where no one is ever offended.

So, as previously discussed, they've decided to pull episode #4, "Ceuf," due to not feeling that great in retrospect about a storyline where Molly Shannon convinces kids to kill other kids. Actually, I'm a little confused about the title here, because Wikipedia gives the episode title as "Œuf," but all the official sites refer to it as "Ceuf," and... I'm not sure that's actually a word? But oeuf is? French for "egg," fitting in with the "French terms for food" theme, and pronounced a bit like "uhff," and relevant to the theme of children? So... I'm going with French Food Word in my heart, until someone can explain what's going on there. Although now I can't see it as anything but "oof," as in, "Well, now we're just gonna have to watch parts of it online and figure out what the fuck is going on for ourselves, oof." What they've done for us is pulled out the overarching, non-Killer of the Week developments and "cannibalized" (sigh) the rest into "webisodes." There are six of them, and they are... something else.

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