May 7th, 2013

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Read all this in a hoarsely faint voice

Let's have a quick linkspam.

@scott_tobias: R.I.P. Ray Harryhausen. A true movie magician, and a master of wondrous, tactile effects that no combination of ones and zeroes can match.

@jenyamato: Here's a little Ray Harryhausen celebration I put together back in 2011, for his 91st birthday.

Collapse )

I was going to save all this and put it in front of the next recap, but then there was too much. Speaking of the next episode,


you might want to write that down on your calendar, if relevant to your interests. (Speaking of whom, my new favorite Tumblr. "face of trying to imagine the trouble mulder’s gotten himself into in 36 hours alone and getting a little overwhelmed by one’s own imagination.")

@particle_p: @cleolinda I almost bought this on the basis of the title.

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‏@cleolinda: I love how concerned that one llama looks.

@Jurisfiction16: I would love to see Hannibal's soulful sketches of Clarice holding a fully-grown llama in her lap.

Maybe it can be a petite lap llama?

I don't know how one of the show's editors found me, but here's an interesting bit of information: Collapse )

And also I have a sore throat and am going to lie back down again, the end. *capeswoosh*

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