May 12th, 2013

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Hannibal 1x07: "Sorbet"

So basically I'm dying of a sinus infection that's settled into my chest over here, which adds an extra layer of grossness to the proceedings in my head. My head, which is full of blarg.

@cleolinda: Recap gifs! Bless. RT @yesiac: came across this on sounded familiar. and then I saw the caption.

@cleolinda: On a day when I am dying of blarg, that is truly heartwarming. And blargwarming.

@eruvadhril: "It's probably people." RT @NBCHannibal: Give us three words to describe #Hannibal thus far...

@NoelCT: Even all of his fruits and vegetables are probably fertilized with people. Likely took a few extra notes from mushroom man.

@cleolinda: I'm pretty sure he's got a whole Cannibal Martha Stewart thing going in the backyard, yeah.

@Ceilidhann: I would watch the Lecter version of Martha Stewart. Pretty table decorations & how to use up all your victims.

@NoelCT: Suddenly imagining Hannibal being a Martha Stewart fan and getting personal revenge when her show was cancelled last year.

@cleolinda: Not to mention the prison correspondence.

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