June 20th, 2013


Somewhat delayed from posting last night: a linkspam

I can already tell we're not going to have enough room in the finale recap for all the extraneous bits, so let's just go ahead and have a linkspam now. Also, if you would like to do a recap reread before the finale tomorrow night (I'm going to, but then, that's more of a "recapper continuity" thing for me), episode one, "Apéritif," is here, and you ought to be able to hit "Continue" at the bottom of each one.

(There are no finale spoilers here. A couple of later episodes get discussed in some depth, however; if you're not caught up with the season or you're in a different region, be advised.)

FIRSTLY. Miss Freddie at tattle-crime.com on Tumblr has posted an excellent interview with Bryan Fuller--full of potential spoilers for the future, but no concrete spoilers for the finale (other than something about the music, IIRC). He does address the Ravenstag symbolism, though, and drops an interesting tidbit about where they nearly went with the Crawford casting. Honestly, I skimmed the interview a bit because I was spoiler-shy, so I can't promise it's entirely safe, but it didn't tell me anything I desperately did not want to know in advance, so. Also, watching fans flail with joy in the reblogs over "Never say never" gives me life. I mean that sincerely.

Also, I was going to say, "Once you've nabbed ~Our Lord and Master,~ there's not really anywhere to go but down," but Freddie's lined up a number of big-name interviews since then, so maybe I'll just sit over here and be impressed with myself instead:

@Tattle_Crime: Official announcement #Fannibals! Yours truly is pleased to announce a post-finale interview with the lovely @cleolinda! #Hannibal

@cleolinda: I mean, you try to turn down an interview with Miss Freddie/ @Tattle_Crime --she was already in the bushes anyway.

@Tattle_Crime: I REALLY like your azaleas by the way!

@cleolinda: We actually have azaleas. o_O

By the way, everybody dust off your riot gear because there will be a Hannibal panel at SDCC: "The panelists will include Fuller, Hugh Dancy ('Will Graham'), David Slade (executive producer/director) and Martha De Laurentiis (executive producer). Fuller tells me they’ll be showing a sizzle reel highlighting what occurred in Hannibal: Season 1, followed by a Q&A about what to expect in Season 2 of the critically acclaimed series." If you go and manage to get in and live to tell the tale, I want ALL THE REPORTS from this.

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Oh by the way once again SPOILER POLICY FOR COMMENTS. Short version: MY FINALE INNOCENCE IS PRECIOUS TO ME. RUIN IT AND I WILL sigh and get over it SMITE YOU.

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