January 9th, 2014


Two entries in a row omg

So this happened:


Meanwhile, here are the songs that get stuck in your head when you are sick in bed and helpless to do anything about it. Like too sick to even get on Twitter and rid yourself of whichever song by inflicting it on others. Yeah. It was pretty bad.

Collapse )

Usually it was about this point that I would ask for more Aleve and pass out again.

Meanwhile, I am still mulling over what to do about the Dracula recaps, because I am straight-up loath to give up on them. I had a project I just finished out of SHEER GODDAMNED CUSSEDNESS, and on the whole, I liked it enough that I'd kind of like ~Finishing Things~ to be how I roll from now on. At the same time, I have learned--both from my own experience and the very, very painful experience of other people I know--that sometimes you have to know when to fold 'em. And somewhere between the two, I have to remind myself that this is the internet, where you can do just about anything any way you want to do it, and there's no reason I can't try to get this done by taking a completely different approach. I just don't know what that approach is yet--

OH! Official notice: For reasons just discussed, I will not be liveblogging the Golden Globes on Sunday. I'm thinking about doing sort of a judicious live-tweeting combined with collecting the best tweets I see and putting them together on Storify. I've done liveblogs of award shows since--Jesus, I don't know, 2001 or 2002? I feel like I need to move on from a format that exhaustive at this point, given the massive widespread availability of videos, recaps, tweets, other liveblogs, etc. I don't know--the way I look at it is, if I try less labor-intensive formats, maybe I'll be around more often. So we'll see.

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