March 2nd, 2014


Regarding tonight

(It's kind of weird that I had to go ahead and post this on Tumblr while LJ was down earlier today, in case it didn't come back in time, but:)

So I'm in the middle of gathering up my background material and recapping the Hannibal premiere, but even if I weren't... I don't think I'd be liveblogging the Oscars. I didn't last year, and ended up being surprisingly glad I didn't. Short version of the conversation I've had several times the last few weeks--I'll be livetweeting over on the secondary @cleolindajones account, then gathering up interesting things and videos and fashion for a Storify post afterwards. Three to four hours straight of finging has just gotten to be physically unpleasant over the last ten (!) years--like, seriously, for the last 3-4 years, I would spend a good bit of those Sundays deeply depressed and trying to work myself up to doing it. And it also just really seems superfluous these days, what with everyone liveblogging and tweeting, and there's so much video of the show the day afterwards. I know a lot of y'all enjoyed it, and I'm really grateful for that, but I just don't know how valuable it is these days, now that my health isn't great, energy is precious, and I can spend a lot less of it putting together a collection of multiple people's interestingness. And you know, I won't lie--there's a lot less commenting these days than there used to be, and someone even got angry that last year's Golden Globes liveblog entries even existed. Add that to the flood of professional liveblogs, and it all made me reconsider whether this is something I really need to be doing anymore. I just--I hate to be so sensitive about it, but--it's hard to spend the day on the verge of tears working yourself up to doing something physically draining and then have someone get up in your face and snap that you shouldn't even be doing it. (I did back out of last year's Oscars liveblog due to a genuine back injury, though.) I feel terrible about letting a tradition lapse, but I have this feeling like it's time to move on and look into different ways of doing things.

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