March 24th, 2014

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Hannibal 2x03: "Hassun"

oh my God this recap is so late and the NBC promo people need to reconsider their choices but finally here we are


( (omg) (we did a thing!)

@DireRavenstag: I feel pretty, oh so pretty. So much pretty, and gritty, and FRIGHT. RT @cleolindajones: DIRE RAVENSTAG EYESHADOW

Here are the pictures I took of Ravenstag in person, on three different primers; it's hard to get across what this looks like in person, other than "fantastic." (People who have gotten it are saying it works well as eyeliner.) Tattler, inspired by the "you've been terribly rude" scene in "Amuse-Bouche," went up on Friday, and I'll swatch it when it arrives. Freddie and I (fourth wall? what fourth wall?) put together A METRIC TON of pictures/suggestions, and Kristen seems as excited as we are, so we'll see what she comes up with this week. It may be a little something called MURDER TIE.

One more thing: Freddie asked Bryan Fuller what Bedelia's perfume was. Imaginary, it turns out. Based on my suggestion that it should be "gardenia with a cold edge," tenebris suggested BPAL's Lady of Shalott.

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