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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

Open discussion: Hannibal 2x07 "Yakimono"
dire ravenstag gunmettle, dire ravenstag, dire ravenstag 04
I have been (and continue to be) working on a non-show-related project, so I'm intentionally and unavoidably behind on the recaps. Service will resume eventually, knock on wood. (Wood may or may not be people.) I'll update y'all on the medication situation later (thank you so much for all your support--I'm still going through those comments).

Meanwhile, here are the three new Aromaleigh colors this week: ONE OF THEM IS IRIDESCENT PEACOCK GREEN, GET EXCITEDCollapse )

Meanwhile: I'll be over on Twitter, harvesting livetweets for the eventual Storify post. Come get me if I'm needed over here; it could be hours before I catch up.

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