June 30th, 2014

black ribbon2


Okay, I just saw Maleficent and I kind of loved it so if you would like to discuss it here, go for it, but I have to warn you, I'm also finishing Penny Dreadful tonight, and my thoughts are already so scattered that I'm considering doing voice posts just because I let text entries sit here for weeks at a time and constantly re-edit them to keep them current then don't post them anyway. In other news, my Zoloft reduction is actually going a lot better than this paragraph would lead you to think.

Previous entry! I forgot to actually link to the e-book anthology containing my Black Ribbon short story, which is a ghost story about 1) Rose's mother and 2) making life decisions and 3) thus I kind of wanted people to feel a little changed after they read it. You'll have to tell me if it works. Also I will have another short story coming out soon, although this is fantasy-themed.

Eyeshadow! The last three colors in the This Is My Design collection have been decided and named, so we'll be finishing up in the next couple of weeks, with a total of 30. For #28 this past Friday, champagne and something pink: Collapse )

I've really liked that we've had bold, experimental colors--things I wouldn't have tried except for the show theme--but also colors that are pretty everyday-wearable, while still interesting. I think I'm going to try this one with Cygnus. On the other hand, this week's color will be the one we discussed in the comments of the previous entry, the one where I explained why I thought we shouldn't do it, then promptly turned around after that discussion and said that maybe we should. I threw out a name, and Kristen immediately thought of a new way to do it. So we'll see how that turns out.

Meanwhile! Here's A Matter of Taste's discussion of Alien; I am currently prepping to record the Aliens episode with them tomorrow. Later in August, I will return... for reasons.


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