July 6th, 2014

key to the kingdom


So today is all about pretty colors, because I meant to swatch the Ever in Your Favor shadows while they were on sale and didn't get that done in time. So, after the cut, 1) the Margot Verger color we decided to do after all and 2) my swatches of the Sherlock-themed Brilliant Deductions samples that I have, because they're on sale this week, in honor of the series 4 announcement. Also, while we're here, I'll note that I'm going to start posting sort of a retrospective of the This Is My Design colors each day on this tag until ~THE GRAND FINALE~ next Friday, because every time I post about a new color on Tumblr, there is (wonderfully) someone who reblogs it with "WHY HAVE I NOT HEARD ABOUT THESE BEFORE." Oh, you will hear about them. YES, YOU WILL HEAR ABOUT THEM. If I had actually been the one in the glitter mines, I might feel more shy about expressing pride in an accomplishment, but so much of this is Kristen's hard work that I have noooo shame. Like, I started "Survive" off by picking the name, and Freddie was very much "AQUA, YES GOOD," but we are otherwise blessedly free of that concern.

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And there you have it. There are other blues and greens in the collection as well, but as this was before my Consulting Recapper time when I started trying new, cannibal-themed things, I dared not attempt those colors. I also took pictures of a handful of Serpens dragon colors and the Ever in Your Favor samples that I have, while I was out swatching cannibal colors anyway, so you may get a flood of those soon. Plus some of the new Okeanides colors, I have some of those now. Basically I'm awash in tiny bags and covered in glitter, is what I'm saying. HOWEVER. My current makeup-related priority, if I can manage it, is to do the This Is My Design colors six at a time like I did these swatches--because I'm going to try to post all five sets of six, one each day, until THE DAY OF RECKONING. I mean, in addition to the graphics like the one up top; I'll post those anyway, because I want to look at them all together and GLOAT OVER HAVING FINISHED SOMETHING FOR ONCE.

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