April 30th, 2015

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Hannibal 2x05: "Mukōzuke"

So... it's been a while. The last twelve months have not the easiest year of my life. I don't know if I can finish up the recaps before season 3 starts on June 4, but I'll give it my best shot. (If I can't make it in time, I'll just keep going until I catch up.) I'd also like to intersperse some Twin Peaks recaps (with commentary from Lily Rose/@lily_delphine) as well. Even I can tell that's delusionally ambitious, but we'll see how it goes, giving Hannibal the priority since it's actually going to be back on the air first.

At this point, the spoiler policy is that I'm going to point out the massive amounts of foreshadowing without actually giving things away, in case you haven't actually watched the show (a lot of people have been interested in the story without being able to handle the gore). Spoilers will be allowed in the comments, and if I have to footnote things to discuss the plot elements down there, I will. Actually, it's going to be super fun going through the season again knowing what happens and being able to pick up on all the themes they wove in; I look forward to slapping myself in the face on a daily basis.

Meanwhile, I left you on a massive cliffhanger:

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