August 17th, 2015

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Hannibal 3x03: "Secondo"

This recap is entirely ridiculous with the pictures and the book quotes and the movie references and the background research and I'm not even sorry because this third season is all we have left, you guys. The show's throwing in everything plus the kitchen sink, so I might as well follow suit.

(the suit is plaid)

CAVEAT: I'm probably imagining most of the symbolism! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(Cleolinda Industries: Putting the "eat" back in "caveat" since 2013.)

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Quick update

Here's a heads-up that the MASSIVE RIDICULOUS HANNIBAL 3x03 RECAP is up; I think it's not showing up on friends lists or sending out email alerts because I'm having to post them privately first to proofread and work out some cross-linking, then date them forward again. (Due to health issues, the recap ONCE AGAIN took a month to write, but things are 200% better these days.) "Secondo" is the Back Story Episode, I dug up a good bit on Hannibal's half-Italian background, and there's a ton of really great Dracula business:

Also, I have a working theory as to why Thomas Harris used the name "Mischa," I think I have decoded the snail/firefly thing, and I threw in a story about Caterina "The Tiger" Sforza because why not.